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Get my money back?

I have gone through three Fiverr illustrators trying to get a children’s book done, the latest being ************ . All three illustrators got my manuscript, sat on my project for weeks, and then sent me a message claiming they couldn’t complete the project for personal/technical reasons. The book was supposed to be done back in January of this year but I can’t use another illustrator at a more reputable and reliable company because Fiverr won’t refund my money back into my bank account - they only want to give me to dollar amount in my Fiverr account. That’s not what I want.

How do I get my money refunded back into my bank account so that I can find a better service provider?

Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.

  1. Please don’t name any sellers or buyers. That’s against forum TOS.
  2. You should review your vetting process for the sellers. If Lalelilolu Studios doesn’t ring a bell then you didn’t do your homework with the last seller.
  3. Why didn’t you agree on checkpoints to check the progress and if you did then you should have established better rules. If needed, hire a project manager who knows how to vet sellers and manage your project.
  4. Regarding refund, you need to talk to Fiverr CS. We can’t give you a refund.

I’m with you! Twice I’ve had designers disappear on me after beginning the work. I want my money refunded back to my Visa card. I have groups that have recommended Fiverr to me and I intend to let them all know how unreliable this site is!

How can I get my money refunded to my Visa card so that I can find a better service provider?

If you contact CS they can do that for you I have heard.

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Thank you for your reply.

This is correct - if the money was instantly sent back to your card then you would have to pay processing fees each time - that’s the reason for it going to your Fiverr account instead.

  1. Fiverr needs to post a contact number or respond to emails in a timely manner so that customers don’t feel as if they’re being scammed or cheated. So if naming names bothers you, then the feeling is mutual.
  2. I am a buyer who’s putting my trust in this company because they were referred to me. If the company can’t live up to standards they don’t need to be in business. Period.
  3. You make no sense whatsoever here.
  4. What is Fiverr CS’s phone number? I don’t want an email or a machine; I need to speak to a person about this matter. If this company has any integrity, then they’ll provide a proper way to deal with customer complaints and issues like mine. This issue entails money - over $600 - you all have gotten from me. I need to speak with someone that has authority to make decisions.

How do I contact CS?

I think you’re lost a bit here :slight_smile:
I’ll bow out from this conversation as I can see you’re not ready yet to process the information given to you.
Contact customer service.

For others with a similar problem, please do your homework and vet your sellers. If you don’t know how to do it then do a search in this forum or hire a consultant. You can significantly reduce the risk of ordering low quality gigs if you know how to find a seller who can deliver.


Use the link above and contact support.
This is a forum which is used by buyers and sellers, moderated by volunteers from the community with a light staff oversight.
Us moderators have no way to check or verify anything about orders or situations so naming other users negatively is not allowed.
When you contact support tell them the names - they are able to verify what you say and take action when necessary.

Regarding a phone number - Fiverr has millions of transactions per month; a phone line is just not realistic considering the pricing and cost system. The support ticket system works well from a buying perspective but it does take a day or so to process the ticket.

I suggest you read the easy to read terms of service before using this (or any similar) site to understand how it works. Your purchase through Fiverr was with one seller - nobody else earns anything or has any vested interest in it whatsoever and are simply trying to make useful suggestions to assist you.


The sad part is what type of company hires sellers that can’t produce results. The only reason people choose to go to your company rather than “hire” a person to find freelancers to do the work is because your company was supposed to have already vetted its freelancers to begin with. The company is useless if it has no standards and offers no protection to its sellers and buyers. Why pay or hire someone to vet a seller when that’s your company’s job? Sad.

Thanks for a more reasonable response. I just sent a ticket to CS.

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  1. I don’t work for Fiverr. Why you’re directing CS questions at me :thinking:
  2. If you need a seller who has been vetted then pick any of the PRO gigs

There’s a PRO switch on the left side. You didn’t order PRO gigs.


Your attitude to other forum users is not appreciated.

Respectfully, it sounds like you are the person who did that.

This is not stated anywhere on the site aside from the Pro section which are vetted.

But it does - you just have to use the correct methods.

@uxreview is an extremely helpful and professional seller and experienced buyer who gave you some advice to help avoiding this situation in the future. Nothing in this situation is his fault or responsibility.
I understand you may not be ready to hear that some responsibility for vetting needs to be taken by buyers on Fiverr. That’s the way it works, that’s why it’s cheap, that’s what it says in the rules/Terms of Service.