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Get my work done, urgent... extra fast... for $5

6 AM, wakened up by FIVERR, an incoming message on my mobile asking me if I can help with a translation… it’s around 400 words and he needs it within an hour.

He wants it done at $5. I disagreed… and the guy hurl vulgarities at me. My morning is ruined. Now, time for coffee… and Good Morning.


It’s a classic. Don’t just block, but report them so that they don’t berate other sellers.

(BTW remove the country reference as it’s against the rules).


I blocked him already. He has a string of excellent review as a buyer. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Thanks for the reminder

If you believe your morning is ruined…

Look what happened to me a few hours ago.

I completed the order for this person, they asked for a refund a day after, but before asking for a refund they begged for the money back because they have a small child and can’t afford sustaining him.

Once I refused, I got these messages, showing what really happened. Guess what, they placed another order and threatened me to place another so I can get penalized.

So there are plenty of bad apples on Fiverr. At least you got lucky, now I will most likely end up with cancellation penalties. The sad thing is not only did I provide a very well researched article, but the “revision” they requested needed some extra words, so I did that too. I said, maybe he will tip me at the end…

Obviously he marked the order as complete before pulling all these threats. I might create a separate topic so other people can see this and learn from it.


You should report this. Yes, make a topic about this… I need to learn how to deal with these possible conflicts.

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As you can see from the image, I already did.

I went to customer support, thankfully they replied within the hour and they canceled his order. And they said I should cancel the second order and block him. But they couldn’t say if I will get penalized for the cancellations. Obviously I did nothing wrong.

I went by the book, and ended up wasting a lot of time for the order. Not to mention a lot of time talking with this person.

I’ll create the new topic and most likely copy-paste my first message, so others can see it.


They canceled his order… but you did deliver. Did fiverr pay you for the work?

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No. I didn’t get paid anything. And now I might be dealing with not one, but two cancellation penalties. Since this person started placing a new order, as you saw in that image I sent.

CS cancellation don’t really work into the algorithm. You just need to wait for the CS to sort it out for you.

Actually they do.

Almost any cancellation factors in. I can tell you after studying my stats.

The only one that doesn’t seems to be whenever the order is inactive (sometime in the FAQs I saw if the order is inactive for more than a week, canceling it won’t impact your cancellation percentage). But other than that, every canceled order I had did impact my cancellation rating.

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Mine is not as bad as yours or @donnovan86
But I got it just yesterday so it’s still fresh.

I love when people tell me how to run my business and how to exploit me with unlimited revisions without paying extra for that


I don’t allow for revisions for translation. I do it manually, myself, and I have confidence in the accuracy (between Mandarin and English)… if the source material is correct, the product will be as good as it can be.


Oh man I had TWO back to back the other day - both men, of course. Apparently, if I want to “make it” on Fiverr, I will “definitely need to lower my rates because they are too high!” Good to know, good to know.

I’ll…uh…just be over here counting my 3k a month, my dude.


I’m aiming for 3k per month too. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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Cheering you on, my friend. I’m all about my fellow freelancers making that bread!


Buyers like this always annoy me, then I feel a bit of pity and think ‘wow you must have such a sad little life that you feel you need to operate like this to get what you want. I’m glad I’m not you.’

Yesterday seems like a bad day. I sell my time by the hour mostly, buyer asked for 3 hours and then said I wasn’t worth it. Bullet dodged. Block delete.


I just think sellers should be brave enough to give honest reviews about the buyers too.

Lately i got an offer from a person, okey so i made everything like he want and after i sent him he said no i want another whole different style, i said you told me to make this style at the begining he said no and he cancelled the order , i contacted support and they say the cancellations % is automatique and we can’t do nothing about it, now my order completed is 67% and i can’t make a listing on buyer request anymore, and no one is buying my gigs too… this guy destroyed everything i did build :frowning: for months

Oh yes, there is a cancel option which is more powerful than dispute. I’m glad buyers tend to don’t know that as well.

I think it will be good practice to add a water mark over the logo, so the work won’t be usable as free work… i guess.