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Get notification on mobile but can't see message on computer


I getting notification from client but can’t see message in inbox when login on my computer, i think that’s problem because i am not getting order from new client from some days.

Have any one same problem ?


not the same but there is another BUG(maybe) on the order page, can not see the requirements provided by the buyer, sometimes it is not showing the timer(clock)

  1. if you can’t see requirement the make sure this is not collapsed. because on mobile its collapse and when we click on buyer requirement its showing

  2. When you can’t showing timer, same time can you see Nude user option ?
    if yes then then you can click on this and your buyer will start order.


I am aware of collapse and NUDGE button. In fact, I am talking about the bug in order page, after refreshing 4-5+ time, it starts showing timer and requirements.


yes may be, i have also one more problem if have any solution.
when i click on notification icon its showing old notification. not new one.


Few days(a month I think) ago, whenever got a notification it shows the same thing several times. Sometimes it shows new notification in the lower portion of the notification bar, scroll down hopefully you will see it.


The bug you are talking about is actually due to interrupted internet connection, Reload it twice and everything will be normal again.


You don’t need to worry about it, Click the notification button and scroll down or scroll up and search for the highlighted notification and click on it. It seems to be a bug, but it only happens if your internet connection is slow or interrupted.


I have a message that I can’t see, as well. I can read half of it in my notifications but it’s not there when I click on the message.


Hi brejay,
Actually i find solution of this problem. :slight_smile:
once I open my friend fiverr id in my android phone using parallel space application. and after some time i logout my friend’s fiverr id. but now also i getting notification of my friend’s id. So its not problem in fiverr. its problem of parallel space application. Uninstall parallel space or remove fiverr from parallel space. and open this normally.



I’m just going to drop this here.


So this is a problem when you have multiple accounts on the same website that are running on your device? I’ve only ever logged into one Fiverr account on my devices. I have it logged in on the app and in the web browser at the same time, though. Could that cause the problem?


Same account have not a problem,
I logged my account in mobile app, and also open another account of my friend in mobile app using parallel space , so problem occur only when we use parallel space app.



Yes thats is app for which one i talking