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Get notified/reminded for order delivery before it's due

Is there a way for sellers to get notified by email a few hours before an order is due to be delivered so we can avoid late deliveries? This has happened to me several times already even though i check my inbox often as occasionally i may forget about an order i received or when it should be delivered so it gets marked as late, which as i understand has a negative impact on our standings as sellers and is bad for our customers as well.

There’s currently an option to get notified after an order is late but it would be great to have an option to get notified eg 6 or 12 hours before an order is due as well so we can avoid late deliveries as that would be better for both the buyers and the sellers. What do you guys think?

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You may be able to send yourself an email or set a reminder in your smartphone or calendar software…

As soon as I receive an order, I put it into Trello together with the due date. It helps to avoid missing out on orders.

The other place to check is under Selling > Orders, as that lists all outstanding orders together with delivery dates.

These are some good suggestions but not very practical imo as sometimes you may be busy with other things and not able to mark down the new orders or set reminders manually yourself and if you’re getting a lot of orders it’s a lot of extra work.

Don’t you think it would be helpful to have an automatic built-in system in place for this?
We’re already getting notifications when an order is late so i don’t think it would be that difficult to get one before as well and i’m pretty sure this will reduce late deliveries overall.


The closest thing to a solution that I know of is to use the app to set a reminder for the order you think you might forget. Pull up any order and tap “Notify me”, and you’ll get a notification 12 hours before the deadline. It’s not automatic, but all it takes is one tap so no matter how busy you are, I believe you’ll find the time for it. Although with the new way in which the orders are organised within the app, you might not even need a reminder.

I don’t know if there will ever be automatic email notifications to deliver or start working on an order, so finding an alternative, even just using pen and paper as I do, is a must. Sellers are the ones that need to keep track of their responsibilities after all, not Fiverr.


I’m sure people used to have trouble getting out of bed until the alarm clock was invented.

You could run a small country with the technology available on a smartphone - why not just make a point of adding each order as a task, with an alarm?

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I agree. Parents may remind their children to do their homework, but we’re supposed to act like professionals here (even sellers who happen to be 13). I can’t imagine a boss reminding each and every employee about each and every task that needs to be done 6-12 hours in advance. Actually, those who repeatedly forget to do what they’re paid to do usually get fired.


I agree that this might be true and not really possible on an actual office environment but since we’re working online why shouldn’t we have as many tools as possible at our disposal if it makes things easier for us and helps us be more productive and efficient?
This would be automated after all and there are a lot of other features in place already that wouldn’t apply to an offline work environment either but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take advantage of those don’t you think?

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Too many tools make your brain lazy.

And if you have a LOT of orders, wouldn’t it mean that you’d receive a notification after notification after notification after…? It sounds distracting to me.

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Notifications could be optional - i’m not really getting so many orders that would make this distracting and i know it would certainly help me better manage my orders, but certainly this won’t suit everyone that’s why i think having it as an option for those that could make use of it might be a good idea.
I know there are workarounds to help you achieve the same thing but the less we have to depend on external tools the better imo.

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Well, I´d prefer getting a notification before an order is due to getting one that it´s late already, it could have a switch, so people who don´t want it because they have so many orders and notifications already could turn it off, others could turn it on, just like the sound effect when you´re on and a message/notification comes in.
I think I can find other ways to jog my brain, for instance, I love to actually memorize people´s phone numbers, it´s amazing how many people don´t even know their own or that of their closest relatives/friends.

Ah well, anyway, I think it should be an optional option unless it´s too hard/expensive to implement.


Sure, if enough people want it, optional would be good.

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I use IFFT to document all newly purchased gigs and create google calendar events with due dates and all.

It’s not ideal, but it really helps me plan ahead when I have more than 10-15 open orders at any given time.

It would be great for Fiverr to have something like this built-in.

I see that they now automatically notify us when an order is placed and we have yet to review it, so maybe this is the next logical step?

A notification 24 hours before a deadline?

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Hey Frank, do you have a link to the IFTTT applet you use so i can check it out? I agree having this as a built-in option would be the ideal solution and maybe there could also be an option to choose if you want to be notified 6, 12 or 24 hours before the deadline.

just check IFFT, look for Fiverr applets (recipes), it’s like one of the 3 most popular ones.

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I just log each job into an excel spreadsheet the moment it arrives. Between work here and in the real world I have about 10 jobs a day. I log each one into the spreadsheet and check it a few times a day. When the job is done I mark it done and go onto the next.
While it may be tedious, it works and I haven’t missed a job in 10 years. I use Office 365 on my computer, Ipad and phone and the three devices synch Word, Excel, and One Note simultaneously so I can check things from different devices at different times.
I understand that life is busy, but this is business. I protect my business so it protects me and mine and so far so good.

I wish you success friend and send regards to all of you from Cancun!

Trello is excellent software for organizng your deadlines, havent thought of using it for fiverr… good idea, although the new dashboard is really all I need to keep on top of things

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