Get on the front page in fiverr


hi im wondring how to u get on the front page of fiverr? does it cost? and how much then?


No way to buy yourself onto the front page or promote your gig within Fiverr I’m afraid.


I hope you are talking about the first page of search results.
I think appearing there depends on your fiverr activity. How often you are online etc. My main gig was on the 6th page a week ago, and had remained there for almost a month. In a span of one week, I tweeted it 8 times, finished my pending orders, activated available now button, engaged buyers in buyer requests (hence boosting clicks), and in 2 days, I found it on the second row on the first page of search results. I also noticed when you are logged in, its position in search results is different than when you are logged out (I observed the difference may be as big as a few rows apart). I am not sure why this is so, Also, if a user clicked your gig, they are likely to see it in their first page when they log in. Or in recommended section. Sorry for the long reply. I may also be wrong in my assumptions. But this is what I have observed.


hi I think @kawabunga is coorect,


I would say have better ratings than other gigs, but seeing how gigs with worse ratings are displayed before higher rated gigs even when sorted by rating, I can’t say that anymore, lol.


YOu can’t buy such features on fiverrr except Gigs :wink:


Make your Gig attractive and also do good SEO on your gig.


Ooooooh, that is good info. Thanks.