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Get One Million High Retention Youtube Views

I am offering you an Adsense safe and 100% real YouTube package. Boost your youtube video with 1000000 high retention youtube views. After Google panda and penguin update, using relevant, resourceful and Adsense safe YouTube views are important for online business owners. So it’s really important for your video to looking for advanced and safe views seller to get YOUTUBE VIDEO that are Adsense safe and never be penalized by YOUTUBE. That’s why, I am offering 100% Adsense safe Views for you.

30,000 High Quality Views For $5.

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$5 + $40 + $40 + $40 = 1000000.

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That’s mean you are getting 220000 views free.


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The youtube views comes from different countries. The views will quickly boost your video to the top search results FAST in youtube and google rankings. Geo target or country specific views can be done.

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Youtube is currently ranking video’s based on video’s audience retention rate, the longer the video has been viewed by a viewer, the higher your video will be ranked.

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Our custom youtube views updated system can make views coming from social network sites like facebook, livejournal, twitter, blogspot,, tumblr, reddit mashable, stumbleupon, Yahoo, linkedin, squidoo, hubpages,, pinterest and any site you prefer.

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Using proxies for increasing youtube views DOES NOT WORK and will result a video or account suspended. We have a system that employ only REAL TRAFFIC views from around the world, running 24/7, whenever you need.




We’re all Sellers here and have the skills and ability to click up your gig link if it looks like something we’re interested in.

It isn’t necessary to populate your post with your entire gig details flood the post with with emoticons. Just the link is fine, thank you.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Reply to @voiceoverwork: Hello Sir,

Thank you so much for your suggestion.

I will remind it for my next post.

Thanks Again.


@youtubeviews is this still available I like to purchase

Is this still available I want it pls contact me thanks

does this gig exist? a good buyer

I want to buy this please contact me

Can i split ?


This Is What I Have Been Looking For…

Can You Please Contact Me?



hey want this service please contact me at or or i will pay $100

will pay $100 for 1,000,000 youtube views contact me please

Get 3000 High Retention youtube Views for only $5, and 7000 HR Views for $10 and 12k for $15 under 24hrs and also drop feed available.

Contact me for 1 Million HR Views, Will give you the Best offer at the best price.


Are you giving out samples? As I’ve purchased services before and had terrible quality; only 30% views were delivered.

If you could give me a sample please let me know then I’d be happy to purchase, my video link is:

Thank you

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Guys you can contact with me for youtube views.
i am providing 7k to 10k views in my basis gig.
you can contact with me for 10k to 1,000,000 views before placing an order.

Hi I would like to purchase the million view promotion!! Either email or reply please

Hi I would like to purchase million view promotion please!

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