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I Am new seller fiverr . I don’t know How To get order from fiverr. Please anyone know this solution . share with me.


Best to follow: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


more active in fiverr forum. you can sent buyer requests for getting order.
you can share your gig in social media
properly marketing your gig.

hope for the best :blush:


If you are new and want to make Sales on Fiverr to Earn from your skills I have shortlisted 7 points from my experience to boost sales.

0- Creat an account that correctly represents you and your skill level.
1- Make a maximum of 2-3 Gigs initially with a 100% skill level and should be very specific ( like a migration of Wordpress website to different Host ).
2- Don’t Copy Anyone’s Gig (If you are actually skilled you know what you offer and can also make Gig well).
3- Use keywords Wisely and make sure not to overuse
4- Send Buyers Request regularly
5- Keep yourself online
6- Spend Time On Fiverr

If you have done all the above steps correctly. After a month I am sure you find this thread back and write good words.

Keep Growing!


welcome dear to our community.

Send buyer request and do gig marketing and try to active more time on fiverr it will hepl you to get order very soon


Thanks for your best advice Dear​:heart_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay Dear. Thanks For Your Best Advice​:gift_heart::slightly_smiling_face:

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very good guideline you provide


okay brother, thanks for your best advice🙂

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welcome to fiverr family
your gig shear all social media site


thank you for disclosing your issue ! it is very method first of all you must act in Fiverr on 24 hours. secondly you will have to inform them at variations social marketplaces. I hope you may succeed soon in Fiverr. Regularizing you should imitate the features of bellow.


@shahriarshakil You are a new seller with no sales!

Please stop spreading this active 24 hour thing.

@ananda_gharami This is spamming the forum will get you into trouble.


Not only is “be online 24/7” improper advice, but the newest gem of “be active on Fiverr forum” is also USELESS .

Now, it is NOT useless if you are on the forum READING and comprehending posts that will help you to LEARN . But, no, most who are here blabbing this baloney of being on the forum actually think and are advising to just “be here” and post nonsense that is not insightful, helpful or worthy of the time they took to copy/paste their drivel. I have a feeling some of these offenders have their “tips” on some notepad and just copy/paste it over and over here as the posts they make NEVER change or address in detail the OP - and they certainly NEVER go to the OP profile to visit the OP Gigs to give actual criticism or praise.




Okay Dear. Thanks For Your Best Advice​ :heart_eyes::gift_heart::relaxed::slightly_smiling_face:

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You can also read it dear.


Welcome to fiverr communuty.
Active more time on fiverr fourm.
Do marketing on social media
send buyer request.


1.More active in fiverr forum.
2. You can sent buyer requests for getting order.
3.You can share your gig in social media.( Do not copy anyone’s gig)
4.Properly marketing your gig.
5. Spend time on fiver

hope for the best and keep growing :innocent:

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Thanks for your best advice.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks For Your best advice🙂

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You are most welcome

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