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Get order from buyer request

I send every day 10 requests but i don’t have the buyer from request, maybe my cover letter problem.
Please help me, how can i write beautiful letter.


Read the project description and try to write a customized one. Show the buyer that you actually read his description and that you are interested instead of sending a template like everyone else.

I always read description .

But does your client know that? Do you actually “show” him in your message that you actually read it? Do you use his company name? Do you call him by his name? I guess not, since you want to use a “template” response. That’s what will make the difference between you and others.

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Sorry I just got confused, do you mean it’s okay to address the client with his or her username when sending an offer on buyer requests? I wanted to do that but I find it awkward :frowning:

@florindeloiu this is your name?

try to create an awesome cover letter by yourself or hire any fiverr user related to this field to do your job

I meant that he might introduce himself or tell what his name is. You can address him by his name then.

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Hire a brilliant Fiverr copywriter. Send me a PM, and I’ll recommend a copywriter.

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Is it free? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Do you work for free?

You will attract buyers with the exact same attitude and it won’t take long that you are mourning about cancelled orders etc.


I used to get work from Buyer Requests but not so much any more. One of the reasons could be that often the requests are with ridiculously low budgets. There are people that are willing to work for such a low amount, but my quote often comes in above that. So the buyer is looking for price, rather than quality.

If you’re looking to build up a work base, work toward level one or two or just get a few orders under your belt, then Buyer Requests might be great.

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