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Get order from forum?

Hey, can we get order from forum or not? how buyer approach in forum?


Fiverr forum is a great platform , be with fiverr and promote your self here.
Many thanks

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we can promote our gigs on forum?

Sure, if some is waiting a better gig, they will order your gigs.


Yes man , follow rules and fiverr it self will help you.
Many thanks

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Yes sure i will , can i upload my gig photos on forum except link of gig?
My Pleasure and also thanks to you :palms_up_together:t3:

That’s what fiverr website for. You have more chances of buyers finding your gig on fiverr as that is the dedicated platform.

Forum is for DISCUSSING fiverr related stuff.
Of course if you wish you can post a link to your gig in “my fiverr gig” category but buyers rarely check gigs on the forum. Buyers in general very rarely appear on the forum, it’s mostly sellers here.


yes it best market place for selling and purchasing the services.
ok i will post it, hope so i will get it.

bundle of thanks

Buyers don’t use the forum to get hustled by sellers.

I think you need to research what forums are for and why companies make them.


yeah forums for interactions of persons from everywhere and make the online community, we discuss many things on it about site and whats going on it.

but fiverr make everything easy for both sellers and buyer, that easily buyer approach the seller what services he give, he also make the another category for it.

Yeah you also right but maybe some buyers use to get best.

No, buyers that want to get “best” they look on fiverr in top rated or pro sellers category.
You check the forum none of top rated sellers advertising their gigs on the forum. It’s mostly desperate sellers that can’t get orders from the platform that come to advertise their gigs here. So why would buyers come here to look for sellers that can’t even get orders on the fiverr platform?


No buyer uses the forum to source talent. And if they did, they would make their decision based on the insight the seller shares, not choose sellers who are just hustling their gig. Sales doesn’t work that way. You get a job based on merit, credibility snd suitability, not because you posted your link and asked to get hired.

The forum is 90% incompetent, lazy, desperate sellers who can’t get work because they aren’t qualified and don’t know the basics of business or English and they come here and whine about it. Buyers don’t want that, I assure you.


yeah you right search about top rated and pro sellers ,their best mean not on high price but they get what they want maybes some time they get amazing things.

Right,i go with this :+1:t3:

cause of their bad luck, not important that bad or desperate sellers sell their services, also good sellers sell their services on forum.

Saying right but in life everyone want to make money and hope so they make best no give some catchy title or else.

but in forum we try to make and give our simple that everyone understand it easily , some are with weak english

I’m not going to try to decode what you just wrote. Please work on your English.

By the way, buyers need to be able to understand you and they won’t want to do extra work to try to decode your poor English.


May be you are right, thank you sure i will

Also, buyers don’t want to risk their sellers misunderstanding what they ask for.

sure, i understand it