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Get ordering problem

Hi, everyone.
Yesterday one buyer came to me to ask an order(web front end development)
That project is quite big with 10 pages including complex component.
He said his budget is 100$.
Is it possible?
Should I accept this for growing my seller account?
After growing enough, buyers will order more?
Thanks for your advice.

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Is this a project you can do?

There are no order guarantees here on Fiverr.


Yes, the project fits my skill set.

I will suggest to take the order,if it’s your very first order…

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I think you know better that the order is perfect for you or not . If you feel comfortable to do that with the price and requirements then you should do . That is fully depend on you . You know better your time/work value than us …


Just see if you can do the work fine and you have belief that I can make the buyer happy then even if the order is for 500$ just take it right away. You can’t always stick to small orders

If the project is within your skill set, and the buyer wants to work with you, then why are you asking us if you should pursue the project?

If you’re implying the price is unreasonably small for what they need you to do (I can’t tell), I’d decline. Especially if it’s a lot of work.

If it’s around 30-40% less than what you’d charge in normal circumstances, I’d take a the project to help my profile grow.

Can you work if the project is suitable to your skillset , even if buyer ask you to work for free?

My answer is simple: do not work for free. If the buyer is not willing to purchase your work, then they are not someone worth working for. You deserve to get paid for your services and skills.