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Hi Awesome People,
My Journey On Fiverr started about a year ago,inspired by my friends i started fiverr.
I started to earn some money and by profession i am a developer working on websites and desktop applications.I started with the development gigs on fiverr.Following is my experience and tips for you guys.

=> It all starts with a good profile pic,description and a name.
Try to look like a whole organization,i am not saying to scam and be fraud but look professional with a profile picture of your team,your own face picture or a logo that describes your organization or a services.
Make a good slogan and write it once in your bio or profile description.Like mine is “Customer satisfaction is our first priority”.
Your description needs to bee a good explaining your services your experience and about why people should choose you and what you offer to them.It needs not to be too long nor short.

=> Good Gig Pictures,Video and a PDF document
When you add a gig.Make sure the picture you upload are not messy,clean and should be professional.If you add a good video to your gig.It increases the impressions.Add a pdf document and write some thing about your organization / serives and add some portfolio work.
gig title and description should be SEO optimized.

=>SEO your GIG
Do some research on the already top rated gigs with plenty of order completions.Read their descriptions,writing styles and tags for their gig.After observing all write your own unique description .You need to add the keyword 2 to 3 times in your description but description show be fluent and well written.Your title may not 90% be much unique because if so it may not get searched.Try to be relevant

=>Buyers Request
Complete your buyers request of 10 every day no matter what.If you do not get relevant buyers requests at the end of the day,bid on irrelevant requests with a price and time high so they do not get accepted since they are irrelevant but they will increase your impressions some what.But keep some buyers request in hand in case any relevant request comes in and you are already ran out of 10 requests.

=>Proposal Writing / Bid Writing / Buyers Request Writing
The most crucial part of winning a job is writing buyers request in good way.Be more courteous in your writings.Explain briefly what you will do for client according to his request that he has posted.Do not make a template of proposal and send to every one the same.If you want template make one generically.But before sending make some amendments according to what he is asking for.Write briefly not too long.Experiment a little in your writings and observe which kind of writing style gets most replies and work on that style.

=>Be honest about your work Build relations
Key part is to build relations with clients through good communication and good delivery quality product.It will give you a lot of jobs and reviews.Be honest what you can do and work on that.Do not take projects that you can not do 100%.It will spoil your profile if you fail.

=>90% Formula
Most of my work that comes to me is new every time new requirements so i have to learn first some of its part and then do.So if you can do 90% of the work and you are sure you can learn the rest 10% and provide good quality go for it.

=>Learn from others
Constantly improve your profile,gig pictures and descriptions etc.But do not edit them frequently.
Look at the profiles of other users and learn from them how they maintain the quality of their profiles.

In the end do experiments what work for you.And remember communication is the key to win a job.
Good Luck.

*You can message me for more


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