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Get orders from old buyers


From last month, I was not getting orders and my gig ranking/views also goes down day by day although all my reviews are good but unfortunately no new orders were coming, So I started to send messages to old buyers who bought gigs from me to let them know that I have special offers now a day and they can get benefits from me by placing orders right now and some of them old dead buyers ready to buy again my gigs and my gig ranking started to rise up again; fortunately new orders also coming. Voila!! “HAPPY BANNER DESIGNING”

What’s your experience regarding this?



ITS A Perfect method to get orders. Sometime i am also using this.


Thank You!


Great idea ! My gig’s ranking is going down and i also did not received any order since 1 week. I think this will be helpful .Thank you


You Welcome!


yes it a good way but professional way is to maintain your gig keep experimenting on them by changing Info and Cover :slight_smile:


It does work for some people but be very careful. A message to a previous buyer is different from unsolicited messages, but you can still get marked for spam.


This is a fantastic method to jump start traffic to your gigs. We have used this time and time again for various seasons throughout the year and it works every time.

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Thanks for the information! I actually approach to those who really liked my work before, and said in feedback that they will come back again. Thanks you! I will be careful near future.



I’m also doing it side by side to update my knowledge and gig!



Yeah! Thanks!



‘…some of them old dead buyers’…lol
Good luck getting any response from them! ;D


haha! :wink: some of them now alive. :stuck_out_tongue:


Woo… you da man! I’d get selling your miraculous revival juice if I were you :slight_smile:


I thought that this was definitely spam and not allowed.


I approach to only those who really liked my service before! and they are now my repeated buyer. I shall be careful next time. Thanks


:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not have any buyer only 1


You need to collect orders from new buyers!


Wow you have amazing gigs Miss Crystal! I’m tempted to pay you a visit!