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If you are not getting orders here just make your price low so you’ll able to get. :slight_smile:


$5, cannot go lower ;(


Love it! There is far more to any buyer decision than price. For instance I won’t buy a tin of cheap beans in the supermarket because it is a quarter the price of Heinz. I want to be able to eat them.


Reducing prices do attract buyers, but of wrong kinds.


Actually, clients are like to get service for cheap. But a lot of clients wants quality too.
If you just hit the exact point of the clients’ interest he/she will buy it for the greater price too. Because they are too busy to go around and around finding potential freelancers.
You just have to build up good conversation and convince them. :sunglasses:



Do not ask for $5 what is worth $50. Know your worth. Know your work. Know worth of your work.

A buyer who wants to get a $50 work done for $5 will not be a good bet for a professional relationship. Look for relationships and not one time engagement. Look to help the buyer, not by cheating yourself!

If you are desperate in getting a job, show it in your appeal not in your price. Most buyers think that the quality will be low, if the price is maddening low. Most have a budget in mind and would know how much the work deserves. Do not think they are fools.

All the best! :slight_smile: :pray: :slight_smile:


Yeah, reduce the price and quality and ruin the market for other sellers too… Sellers please don’t sell a $50 piece for $5…


Well i just posted for those who suffers here because most of the sellers have high skills but cause they don’t have reviews no one give them opportunity so i thought this might help them. :slight_smile:


It’s that management/business thing. You have speed of work, quality of work and price. You can generally have two of these but not all three. If it is quick and cheap then it isn’t likely to be good. Even if you are able to offer all three, then your potential customers won’t believe it until they see it. Build a good reputation on fiverr and you can make good money from it. Build a poor reputation then you end up wasting your time.

It’s just how you build that reputation. Some do it through offering something cheap until their feedback profile improves. You need to find your own way of making this happen.


I double the price each time they ask and they buy. I would rather do a one $25 order than five $5 orders. :slight_smile: