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Get position in the 1st page when someone search


Hello everyone,
I want that when anyone is searching any gig (which matches with my gig) then my gig will be in the first or second page of his/her search.Which is the most effective way to do so??


Hard work, and a good, strong, positive seller reputation.


Hi Jabed!

You’ve got some great gigs posted. Research what others are using as their key words in the search tags field – I’ve read in other posts that this has yielded better results for some Sellers in rankings. And, of course your ratings!

I am a Level 2 seller with over 200 five-star reviews and I currently do not show up in the search results at all! I don’t know what happened but clearly I am not alone with all the posts about this. (I’ve contacted Customer Service but no response yet.)

Keep up the good work and cheers to your success!



Me too ! i just got started it and recently uploaded my voice over reel. but no one seems to be noticing me haha.


You noted that you offer voice-over work in British and American accents, however, neither accent is featured in your voice reel. You speak in English in your voice reel, but that English is spoken with a heavy Asian accent. If you seek to promote yourself with an American accent, you’ll need to first remove that heavy Asian accent in order to appeal to buyers looking for true American voice work.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear any British accents in your voice reel.

Voice-over work is an extremely competitive category, especially here on Fiverr. What you feature in your gig’s voice reel doesn’t actually fit what you promote. So, perhaps you might consider refocusing your voice work towards offering a voice with an Asian accent – which you do very well. There may be more call for your voice skills with an Asian accent, then you trying to compete with American and British accents which you don’t seem to have mastered yet.

Always offer services that you can do well. Those services are what people will usually hire you for on a long-term basis.


Thank you for your comment