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Get report on an astrology topic/info you want to know about

(I only offer report for Western Astrology)

Astrology is more than those horoscope magazines that tell you about things like hơ to spot if that Libra guy likes you, how to win a Scorpio’s heart, etc. Astrology have much more things to talk about. There’re planets, aspects, asteroids, houses, etc.

One of the best way to start learning astrology is create your own natal chart and study it.
First, go to *********** then go to Free Horoscope => Natal Chart, Ascendant, fill out the information then click okay. Your chart will show up.

Also, if you wish to modify the chart, click Extended Chart and modify as you wish. You can change the House Systems, type of charts, display, etc

You may want to study and find out as much as information you wish about each element in your chart. For example, you may want to study in meaning of personal planets in your chart first, your ascendant, that square aspect between your sun and mercury… But for someone who is beginner or is working full time, such option maybe a bit dauting. You don’t know where to look for as there’re too much information, or you just don’t have enough time to skim through mountains of articles, blogs, books, forums and put together good pieces of info that can be easily digest and used. Here come my service to help you :wink:

With a fairly reasonable price, you will receive a report on an astrology topic you want, with carefully reasearched information put into a neat report so that you can read easily. The report length depended on the topic but I promise I will give you as much as I for your benefits

Also, the information come from not only my own bookshelfs and good websites/blogs that I have bookmarked during my learning years but also from my personal notes and knowledge of my astrologer friends.

You can get my service at

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