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Get response from Buyer Request


Buyer request is a goldmine to new sellers. You can find your potential customers there! But many people say that they don’t even receive responses from the buyers after sending the offer! Why?

First of all “Put yourself in the shoes of customer” what does it mean? It means think yourself as a customer while sending the request, think that you as a buyer will be satisfied with the text you’re writing in the offer? What do you need as a buyer to be satisfied?

Never ever write useless text in it. Buyers don’t have the time to read your useless text and waste their time. Only write important text related to the request.

Many sellers don’t even read the request and send offer. How can a buyer hire someone who don’t even know that what the job is!! Write something in the offer that shows you know the job and can do it e.g. I have gone through your request that is amazing and i can handle this job professionally.

Send samples of your work. Buyers don’t have much time to contact you, wait for the reply and then ask for samples. So, don’t forget to send samples of your work. If your job is related to videos then you can post the videos on youtube and then share it to the client by sending URL of it.

Be professional, easy & simple. Double check your offer before sending it. I’ve also seen sellers who send the request fastly for getting the job first. If a buyer want to hire you then no matter that you send the offer in first or last.

Hope these tips will help you :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Please Give me tips about buyer request
Sending Buyer Request for 2 days but Not getting response any
Fiverr is ruined day by day .. Author should be more aware of this fact
I need serious help guys

Yes you are right about buyer request.


I definitely agree with these tips, thanks so much for sharing.

I’d like to add one though, based on my experience with buyer’s request, NEVER send an offer to a request that has already 10-15+ sent offers, there is very low chance you will not be considered anymore. I always send offers to requests that has 9 or less responses because you definitely have a high chance to be chosen. At least that’s what I’ve experienced. Save up your offers.

That’s all, what about anyone? Do you have the same experience I do?


It’s better to be a bit more specific, otherwise it’s the same as saying “I can do this, plz order”.

Mention a bit about your experience that’s related to the project, how would you handle it, possibly a couple of ideas…

Also, it’s important to have well-written profile and gigs that show you as a professional, otherwise the buyer will take one look and decide to hire someone else.

That depends. If 20+ people send a poorly written offer for article writing, and your own writing is excellent, you’ll stand out among those who obviously can’t do the job.


Thank you very much for your tips.
I also think buyer request is a good option.


Do not copy paste in the buyer request. if you need the order your request was impressive to others.Read the buyer request clearly and then response it. Some new user do not pay attention to the buyer request and send them the offer when they get the order they will not do the job well so it’s very harmful to the sellers because it creates the negativity and the cancellation.Read the buyer request if you are able to do the job then send them the offer which your clients want. Your proposal and the budget will be according to the request. Thanks


Yeah, i agree with you but many people send poorly requests as i said that they don’t even read it. You should send offer wether sent offers are 5 or 50. Your offer should be more powerful enough to stand out from the crowd.



I see your point but theres no harm in sending an offer as it doesn’t take long. I tend to ignore the really cheap budgets


Yeah, the budget depends on your service.


Yes you’re right but be more professional and never say anything that makes your ground position shaky… :wink:


I have seen a well known buyer on the Forum say sometimes she has gotten up to 40 offers from buyer requests and not one was acceptable.


Frankly, buyer’s request really does not have a competition.

If and when one seller takes the time to read, research and write a well written proposal, he or she will win every time.

On the average around 30 with up to 40+ will bid, with typically only one or two are worth reading and contacting.

Oh, word of advice for newbie buyers, I recommend you delete the first 5 to 10 bids. They are typically trash bids, who didn’t even read your request. They bid too quickly and have no idea what you are asking. I recommend you look at the #10 bid and up.


This is completely and utterly false. Most (if not all) of those 10-15 offers are usually horrible offers, poorly written, few to no reviews, and usually always begging desperately for a sale. I know; I’ve been a buyer – I’ve seen the junk offers that dominate the Buyer Request responses. Even a monkey could submit better offers!

Consider this: would you choose to not apply (and interview) for your dream job, just because you know other people have applied for that job too? Of course not. So why would you give up here on Fiverr just because you see a scary number listed in the BR section?

Come on people… it’s called competition. Find a way to overcome it and you’ll win the job.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

This is the number one bad advice sellers give each other. The better sellers come from - typically - #15 and up. They write the better proposals. I usually don’t hire for 24 hours after the request goes live.

Hum, disagree with this one. There really isn’t much of a competition, unless you’re talking about the first 10 bidders competing to see who can write the worst proposal.


Competition, in the sense that, others want the job too… so be the guy/gal that is better than those others, and is the seller the buyer chooses to hire.

Strictly speaking, though, you are correct. If I submit a fantastic offer, and the other 15 sellers that have already submitted an offer are utterly horrible, that really isn’t any competition for me. I’m never going to know who those horrible sellers are, though, so, technically, I am one of 16 sellers “competing” for the job. More often than not, though, if the buyer is serious about their request, I’m going to be the seller who wins the job.


Yes, you’re right Jon. If 20 people send trash offers and you send the best one then there are 90% chances that you’ll win the job :slight_smile:


Competition is everywhere!!

The key to building a business is honesty.
You have to fight more than hard than before.
Make your professional service and attitude.


Thank you for parroting my own advice.