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Get reviews from client
When you complete the order you can’t directly ask to client for reviews. For batter way you can ask them.

"Hey, here is your completed order!
it was my pleasure working with you,
and don’t forget please leave a rating to share your experiences working with me.


This is 100% Guaranteed to get you banned. You are not allowed to in ANY WAY interact with a client with the intention of getting a review. Do not do this ever - period.


Well, it ain’t. I’ve ordered a couple of times from a TRS voice artist, and he insists on asking for a positive review in EVERY ORDER. He literally ends ever delivery message with, and I quote:

“p.s. If you’re happy with everything, please leave some positive feedback, it really helps, thanks!”

Nothing happens to him, he has been here for years and has thousands of reviews. Take that as you will. Nothing is fair about the rules or the system, they are enforced selectively.


I’d amend that it’s guaranteed to get him banned if he’s caught, which is fair. Just takes one disgruntled buyer tipping off CS and poof - account’s likely gone. Absolutely not worth the risk!


Doubt it. This is a TRS, been here a long time, a big account. I suspect once you get to a certain point, you are too big for certain rules to apply to you. It’s the only explanation. This is no noob, this is someone who MUST know exactly how things work. And it’s someone that is making Fiverr a lot of money for sure.

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Eh, you likely have a point. That’s how it works with money in society, so why not here? :rofl:

That guy’s a high roller though, not OP. OP is small fish and Fiverr loves killing sardines with the ol’ banhammer.

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I just find it despicable, that’s all. The way the rules are more like suggestions, and are applied very subjectively. That’s why I don’t take CS seriously at all, and TOS are just suggestions. It all depends. It’s whatever is convenient for them. And that is not fair, it’s not a level playing field. The rule doesn’t even make any sense either way. Why is it forbidden to ask for feedback? What’s the problem, really?

I’d be happy if they had an actual phone number where we could talk to actual people if we had an issue. If you want to filter out all the “Why is my gig impressions down??” newbie hysteria clogging the lines, make it accessible to folks with 10, 25, 50+ reviews. The fact that I’ve done almost a thousand projects on here and I can’t reliably expect support to answer a question inside a week is insanity. I gave up when I had a client use my work from my approval draft on her live website, cancel the project, and admit she was using my work without paying for it in Fiverr chat and CS refused to back me up.

It’s a joke, it really is.


Precisely. It just isn’t fair. It’s bad for the sellers. It’s bad for the buyers. It’s bad for the platform itself. But they don’t appear to care. They spend time banning people over asking for a review (like that does anything, if the buyer is unhappy he can leave a bad review anyway - I made a point to not leave a review at all on that TRS that asked for it, since I don’t appreciate being told what to do), and don’t focus on what really matters. It’s absurd.

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until one day… when he’s going to be caught

Press X to doubt. He’s done it thousands of times already. Surely at least one of those thousands wasn’t happy with the service, tried to cancel, whatever. It’s just the law of large numbers, it’s a statistical certainty. If it didn’t happen, it won’t happen.

You’re free to doubt but we’ve literally seen it happen here. If a TRS is doing it then it probably means that no one has reported said seller yet. It’s always a matter of time.


The last thing I’d do is beg for a rating.

That sounds desperate.

The fact that the money the Buyer spent on an order with me has cleared is all I need.

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true… if a TRS is asking for reviews then he is doing something wrong in the first place…


While we all lurve a nice positive review, if the only (or dominant) reason you have for taking jobs is to get reviews to further your status, you are doing it wrong.

The whole reason you should be here is to a) do Great Work, b) get paid for doing that work the way it should be done - i.e. Great Work (as opposed to average or garbage work).



If I get asked to give a positive review, when it’s a positive experience. I won’t find it wrongful at all.
I didn’t research enough in the beginning and has asked for it twice.