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Get the right SEO plugin for your WordPress site

Here’s a little secret I learned the hard way, and you’re going to get it for free.

Don’t use anything else but this SEO plugin on your WordPress website.

Why? Because this plugin was written with massive and busy (multi-)sites in mind, so its 197% to 867% faster compared to other popular SEO plugins ~ you know the plugin I’m talking about. This plugin also consumes 177% to 260% fewer server resources and about 15% fewer database interactions (numbers may vary on this one depending on plugin compatibility).

And there’s another thing which is guaranteed with this plugin ~ 100% fewer advertisements. And the author intends to keep it that way.

The name is The SEO Framework [] and trust me, its awesome.

You can get it in the WordPress repository at the link above, absolutely free!


Whoa, love this! I will be sending a message about this soon to you. Thanks for some really helpful advice.

Sooooooooo thanks man, it’s sooooooooo many seo plug-ins out there I never know which to get! Does it work well for non multisites?

It does look good. However, it is supported by one single coder. I am running Yoast Premium and works fine for us, besides the fact, they provide eBooks, Videos, pro-support and regular updates.

If it works for you at the moment, fine. Don’t touch it. Don’t even update it. Why? I manage nearly 70 servers and many of the sites had it installed. The latest major version upgrade broke the first four sites which I had stupidly updated. And this is not the first time they released an insufficiently tested update. So be careful… they will get to you eventually, and then you will be glad I told you about The SEO Framework and how to transfer SEO data from another SEO plugin to The SEO Framework []

“SEO” will soon go the way of the dinosaurs. I am all in for a world without the need to pander to the search engines for quality traffic. Give it another 5-7 years and you will see what I mean.