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Get To The Point Quickly


Here’s a group of messages I got today, one right after each other, as if we were chatting on Facebook or on the phone.

Message 1: Hi, Nice to meet you
Message 2: I’m looking for someone who can work with me for 3+ years
Message 3: So actually I started running IT business company and I have some web development teams
Message 4: And I need more up work accounts for them
Message 5: If you don’t work on up work, you can help me
Message 6: Then I can send you monthly salary

This is so annoying. Why can’t people tell us what they need in one message?

'Hi, I need this and that, in X days, for $30. Can you do it?"

How hard is that?

Even spammers would be forgiven if they got to the point quickly.



Some people have their settings such that when they hit the return/enter key, it delivers the message instead of moving the cursor to the next line (yes, you can change what the return/enter key does). They might not even know that it is possible to change these settings such that they can write multiple paragraphs in just one message (by making the key move the cursor to the next line).

If you received those messages in rapid succession — one after the other, that could probably be the reason.


Thanks for that explanation. I have a different setting, I have to click reply to send the message.


I have had a few buyers who didn’t see a way to change this send setting. I think they are often people using mobile browsers or less popular browsers like safari, but some might just not see it. When I tell them that it exists, they always say they hated the way the message featured worked. If I ever get the time I’m going to make a video to show people who to use Chrome and set that feature properly. I’ll post it on the forum if I do because I can tell it’s a common issue. (If someone else makes one and tells me I’d be glad to pin it, too.)


You can probably change it or set it up in the browser, but I’m 99% certain the first time I messaged someone on Fiverr it asked if I’d like to have enter as a send or return key.


That would be helpful. Or Fiverr could just fix it so people have to click return.

I have a friend who is always texting me like that, on the phone.

I did change it, but my clients haven’t. Correcting potential clients is very tricky, that’s why I prefer to say it on the forum to create awareness.

To me is a matter of politeness, I’m not against people saying “Hi,” but they should get to the point quickly.

“Hi, I’m a horse breeder and I need to know if I can sell my horses on Facebook.”

Sometimes they send four messages, and you have no idea what they want.


Thank. You. So many times I’ve had people try to be so hi how are you. I’m like ok what kind of voice you needing, how many words and what’s your budget. Get that to me and we’re cooking with oil, baby!


They think they’re on the phone or face to face, I know what you mean.


What i just noticed is that, such person is not fully sure of what he/she need but however it was in mind.


I suffered once. When buyer was messaging like this way, I somehow skipped one message. SO that, I was asking about the matter again. It was embarrassing for me too.