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Get Unlimited Linux Space and Unlimited Bandwidth Cpanel web hosting for your domain for $5/year


Dear Friend,

Let me introduce you to my best friend which gives me online presence and helps connect throughout the world!

I just help people get introduced to my best friend and he does it all!

Do you want to Hosting your website?

How much do you pay every year for Hosting?

I am sure it will not be less then $10 - $100/year or even more.

I met a friend few year back and his growth and understanding has made me his Best Friend!

Today he is have a super fast main memory of 64GB (RAM),
16 CPU - 2 x Quad-Core 2.4 Ghz

Has more then 10 TB of secondary storage which can store Unlimited amount of Data,

More then 30,000 GB Bandwidth and 100MBPS Network Uplink to transfer all your data to any corner of this world within secounds.
Now the time has come where I am going to reveal my Best Friend to all you people so that he becomes your BEST FRIEND!

He is working silently! He will talk to you and be your friend for Just $5/year. This is amazing!

Click here without Disturbing him:

If you are hosting a website check this Fiverr Gig :

I will provide you a dedicated Cpanel account where you get unlimted space and bandwidth for your website. The Cpanel is powered with softaculous auto installer so that you can install scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, and many others.

Server configuration:
Intel Xeon(R) CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz 16 processors
64GB Ram DDR3
10TB x 4 HDD, 40GB Dedicated for Database
Linux x86_64 Architecture Hosting with CENTOS 5.7
99.9% Server Uptime

Unlimited Linux Hosting for $5

Unlimited Linux Hosting for $5
Thank you and waiting for your ORDERS! :)]


i use 3tb a month bandw are you have this amount?


Total Bandwidth I have is 30000 GB so I dont allow very high usage accounts. You can buy VPS from me. If you are interested I will let you know the Packages.

At $5 I can offer the best hosting for Normal sites.

Thank you,


Does this include a domain? or just the hosting in general?

Do you know the cheapest place to get a domain?

Also is there any sort of guarantee of uptime? Will the service still be here in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

I’ve been through SO many hosts that just shut down after x amount of time :confused:


No, Only hosting. for regular package of Cpanel I provide 1 free Domain with comes Unlimited add-on domains Cpanel which is $50/year.

Uptime of the server can be monitored using sites like Just create an account and add the server IP.

The service will be available forever. This hosting already has more then 1000 resellers and 10 times more Cpanel accounts. So we cannot afford to shut down the service.

Thank you,


Ouch, that’s like 45$ more…

Was looking for domain only, which i can get for like 10$ a year elsewhere o.o

I dont need add ons or anything xD

Just a hosting site, a domain, an ftp server, and limited/no restrictions xD

(Just a personal website with art portfolio, game/anime fan sites, etc.)


Ok, $15 and I will give u all.


what about VPS unlimited plans


where is server location?


Reply to @maclive:

If your interested in VPS, contact me on Fiverr.


Reply to @aryabagus:

USA, California


pm send in fiverr


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

OK thank you,

#14 Gig currently has




Please support me by adding this Gig to your Collection and promoting it to your Friends and Business.

Its a Awesome hosting at almost free price.

Thank you,


We also have Unlimited Add-on domains and unlimited database package for $45/year for single Cpanel account. Contact me on Fiverr to know more :slight_smile:


Can anyone help me promote this Gig?


Welcome and good luck with you gig


:slight_smile: thanks


Reply to @caiterz: I am not sure who you have used in the past but you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, cheaper hosting means more sites on a box, which degrades performance of the servers.


Reply to @lparziale: Yes, I agree to you… That is why I am selling the Best hosting package for single domain only for $5 in… Make best use of this Gig. This will be for limited period only.