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Get well soon to our friendly mod!

I’ve just seen a thread and come to know that our favorite mod @fonthaunt hurt her eye with a little metal piece in her cornea. Let us all wish her good vibes and get well soon wishes. :disappointed:


I saw her post in the thread. I wish her get well soon too! : :four_leaf_clover: :tulip: :rose:

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I wish you a speedy recovery @fonthaunt
Get well soon! :bouquet:

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Get Well Soon @fonthaunt

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Hope you’re feeling better soon @fonthaunt :purple_heart:

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You guys are too kind! I can’t believe you read my long story - I was really just trying to be honest and also make light of what was a rough situation for me and an upsetting one for the OP in that thread. My eye is doing fine now and I’m planning to stop putting metal in my eye. :smiley: I’m very thankful for the docs that helped me out and the reminder of how precious our senses are! I recommend eye protection for anyone who is working with tools or in the garden or other potential hazardous situations! Thanks, ya’ll!


I’ve just read about it… I hope you get well soon, @fonthaunt! :racehorse:


Hope As soon he recovered

I always enjoy your humor Maddie, wish I could see even more of it :slight_smile: We’re glad to know you’re much better now, although I hope you’re not just saying that to get us off your back :stuck_out_tongue:

See that @fonthaunt my man? :joy:


Piece of metal!!!? :fearful:
Even a tiny little grain of sand is so painful when it gets in your eye, yikes!!

I hope you get better soon!
I’m sending some “healing vibes” from across the ocean, if you feel something warm and
fuzzy in a day or two, that means my vibes reached you.

Jokes aside though, take care please!