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Get work order as a new seller


Hello everyone, I had heard that it is very difficult to get work if I am a new seller in fiverr before I have created my account. Now after creating my own account in fiverr, I found that it is impossible to get a job. Should I leave fiverr? Please give me suggestions because I’m in my hard days…


What is the problem? Why anyone do not reply me…?


hello there,

after you create your gig, the best way to get traffic is to promote your self the best way you can, make sure that your gig is good enough for buyers and, of course, you need to be patient until you get your first order. sometimes it takes much time


Welcome to Fiverr. You need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. There is no advantage to a buyer to order your extra packages … maybe you could give extra value to those packages. Check out the forum for tips and there is lots of information in the Fiverr Academy. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Thanks you for your suggestions.


Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


Oh, thanks god. I have got an order and completed the work today. Will I continue to send respond to the buyer request or I will get automatic work? What your experience says?


No way to get ‘automatic’ work :smiley: You need to send as much buyer request as you can. Also try to promote your fiverr gig outside. Twitter and blogs are the best way in my opinion for do that.
Basing on my experience fiverr is unpredictable for me. One day I can earn 40$, next 10$ and another 0$.


Thanks a lot for your suggestions