Get you Gigs higher on the Fiverr Search Results!


Hi Guys!

I heard from someone who’s been on fiverr for quite some time now that you could get your gigs listed higher on fiverr’s search results, specially on the “random” filter, by having your gigs appear in lots of collections. So I guess that means that if more people has your gigs in thier collections, you have a better chance of being prominently place on fiverr’s pages. Is there any truth in this? How do you get your gigs to appear on fiverr’s front page?

My gigs are cartoons and illustrations related. How do I get my gigs to rank?

Any tips?



I’ve tried to figure some things out about the fiverr search and I’ve still don’t feel I’ve learned anything.


I’m not sure how to make your gig show up more, but I did discover one way that your gig gets listed less lol! I had a seller order a gig, and then tell me that she had to organize some stuff for me so it was going to be late. I’ve been a seller for about a year and 2 months or so, made over $2000, and had an average of anywhere from 1 to 4 new gigs per day rolling in. Well, the order got later and later, and my new gigs orders completely STOPPED. NOT kidding you. Whatever you do, DO NOT let an order sit for too long EVEN IF it’s mutual, lol!! Another thing I would say, is just to do your best on every order you do and a 100% satisfaction rating is essential!! It took me almost a year to get a steady flow coming, so just be patient and hang in there :slight_smile:


Does fiverr support actually respond to emails like “My gig is soo awesome, please post it on the home page, it’s going to rake serious cash!”? What if the gig is indeed really good? Does fiverr support actually go in your gig and look at it if you request them too? Any experience on this?


Reply to @rocket_fivah:

Fiverr doesn’t support this type of emails. Even your account might be restricted!


So it’s ok to email support and try to make your case why your gig should be posted on the homepage? It would be a bit crazy if you get kicked in the rear trying to.


Suppose… We are giving our 20% of every sells for getting good fiverr customer support… But I realize. Fiverr customer support is not helping gud…

I requested to put my gig on fiverr recommended search…And customer support saying… Your gig is not focus in our editorial guideline.

Ques. Is there any rules of fiverr editorial guideline?

Honestly Fiverr taken around $4,000 as 20% through my sales in last 10 months… And we are not getting gud exposure on our gig.

Is this fare?