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Hello everyone,
I’m Antani. I’m on Fiver since September 2019 and I earned about 220$. Not a lot but a good start.
The secret to get orders doesn’t exist: you need only to create the right Gig.
Before creating a Gig you need to take a look on the people needs; try to do some research, find what people want.
The second step is to offer something that you like and that you manage really well (marketing, lifestyle, gaming, writing, etc.).
When you decide what you will offer you have to give to your Gig these elements: an impact title, a good description, a catching picture and good price variety.
The last thing is to share: check buyer offers every day, share on your social (not random, only in dedicated groups) and talk with your customers, say them WHAT you are giving to them.

If this is not enough take a look at this link, and I will be glad to help you as I can.

Thank you and blessing to all.

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Thank you for sharing experience. It’s motivated me.