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Get your Gigs in Fiverr Recommended List


Hi Fellas, can someone help me how do I can get my gigs in Fiverr recommended list? I noticed that there is a plenty of New arrivals and level 1 and 2 sellers have their gigs in Fiverr Recommended list and they are getting orders almost everyday.
Am just curious about how did they do it even a few of them have used fake images and incomplete descriptions on their gigs? Please help me to understand that. Thanks


In order to get your gig in recommend section you must have unique Gig and also gig image should be attractive . Recommended section is also by editorial staff on the basis of unique and professional and attractive gig . So keep doing great work . u will be in recommended section


If you want to get your gigs displayed in the Recommended Gigs section, you must keep your ratings 100%. You are also recommended to use an attractive title and description. You know, my gig was in the top of Recommended section util my rating was down to 99%. However, you can check out my gig here, hope it helps you a lot.


Always maintains its 100 % rating and you will go to those recommended in Fiverr :slight_smile:


Hi Bluepenn, I noticed that your gig has 4.9 star ratings. However your gig looks good as it has good title, image and descriptions. But my gig has 5 star ratings over all and I just can’t believe that why any of my gigs didn’t get to recommended list yet.


Hi Pintoo0, Thank you for your reply it was a bit helpful but I checked my gigs and a few of them have 5 star ratings over all with Perfect title, images and descriptions. I just can’t understand that why I didn’t get my gigs in recommended list?


Hi Aleronk, I did my best to maintain 100% ratings and some of my gigs have 5 star ratings overall. Can you please visit my profile and check out my gigs, titles, my original work samples and descriptions so that you can suggest me something good to get my gigs into recommended list. Thanks


There are millions of gigs. Only some of them are featured or recommended which are very special. Now a day a seller having 1000 reviews with 100% ratings is no longer a WOW factor because it is common these days. Competition is really tough these days. And yeah getting recommended isn’t an automatic process, they are manually choosed by fiverr editorial team. They won’t see your reviews or ratings, they will check your work. So don’t care about ratings, only work matters.


Your best selling gig is ‘I will do ELEGANT vector logo’. You’d better to remove vector from your description because anything you write in title should also be provided in starter package. But you don’t provide vector in starter package.
Suppose a writer’s gig title is “I will write 150 words for $5” then he is providing them in starter package. In higher packages he is providing extras.
Make sense?

Also, you should start with $5. Lower prices = More orders = More reviews. Reviews are most important factor to get higher ranking in search.
Currently your best selling gig only have 14 reviews and you are starting from $10. My logo gig has 107 reviews but I’m still starting from $5. Not just enough, I’m providing JPG, PNG, Ai, PDF within starter package i.e $5. That may seem surprising to you but to me, reputation is more important than the money itself.

I have just got back from vacation on May 25 and as far as I remember, I have received 15 reviews (all 5 stars) till now. So 15 reviews in 10 days, not that bad. This is because my prices are low.

This doesn’t means I don’t work on higher prices. From May 25, I have received 3 PRO package orders i.e. 3x$50=$150 and 2 premium package orders i.e. 2x$30=$60. Well that depend on the budget of customer.

A bunch of my customer told me that they had already placed the order for their logo on other seller’s gig and they just stopped by my gig, they saw that I provide source files and other formats in basic gig. So they ordered my gig to test it out. Moreover, they made my day by providing me a great tip at the end :slight_smile:

Lol I think I have written too much today :smiley:
Good luck with your gigs :slight_smile:


Thank you for your opinions as you just have shared what you expect and thought about. I noticed that there are several gigs in recommended list which has no real images, no good descriptions and they don’t even have any reviews? what you think of it? Do you think that’s not happened automatically? doesn’t that make sense?


Thank you for your reply and sharing such good information, honestly that was really helpful. To be honest with you am just trying my best to provide my customers the best and specially the original designs so that they understand the importance of their brand identity. I’ve seen this many times that sellers who are working based on 5 gig with everything, they are thieves, they stole designs, copy paste them and just make the final draft.
Honestly, that’s not something that I’m here to do. if the customers understand the importance of their brand identity and their business value, they surely can understand that their brand identity worth more than 1000$ and than 10$ isn’t a problem for them.
About the services I’m providing I’m fine with that because I don’t really like that much rush however I’m glad that I’m helping people with their graphic designing needs. I wish I could get my gigs in recommended list somehow, so I can help more people.


May be your gig is present on recommended section at the bottom . Have you checked whole recommended gig section ? …

But Fiverr never guarantee any sellers to place the gig in the favorite search positions . Algorithm works according to his parameters . You must have more orders in shorter time m sure that will helpful for you to get in recommended section.


Bullshit. You have to be “loved” by somebody from Fiverr staff to be recommended, featured or to become TRS.


ooh, I love the smell of sour grapes.


hahha " grapes are sour "


What do you call a false image?
It’s like attacking others without a clear basis


I never meant to attack anybody. I noticed that some sellers have copied others images and just uploaded them on their gigs and that’s false and it makes your gig fake.


Good. But not everyone steal the designs. I have just gave up exams and enjoying college vacations. So I’m completely free these days. That is why i’m okay with rush.


Fiverr gig ranking system is complex. Sometime it give more impression to new gigs. I can’t understand that. In fact no body can.


try to use a unique offer