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Get your Graphic Designs and custom tasks done before placing the order for more safety


My name is Radu I am a freelance fiverr designer. I can achieve almost anything that is graphics related in a safe honest way for both the seller and buyer.

I have seen quite a few buyers complaining on the forums, having issues with the delivered goods not beeing to the standards they expect. The best way around that, and why I think this is the most honest way to offer services on fiverr, is using what I call "Preorder"

How “Preorder” works? Seller gets the design brief, material and all the notes in an inbox message, we agree on terms and deadline. The work gets done, seller sends a watermarked sample of the results. Buyer agrees, asks for revisions, or moves on in case the results are not as advertised. I think this is a bulletproof method to get things done properly without loosing anything but time, no more funds stuck in your fiverr wallet, no more frustration over disapointing deliveries.

Reason for this post: Lately I have been away for a month, I haven’t used the vacation mode as I fear it messes up the listing of your gigs. My gigs suffered quite a bit. Now I am trying to get a bit more exposure and I figured sharing this method of getting tasks done would be helpful for both honest sellers / buyers

( what I can do amongst others: background removal, photoshop custom tasks, business cards, logos, labels, packages, mockups, photo enchancement, amazon product images, vector related graphics, drawing, digitizing sketches/characters/objects etc.) 2000+ completed orders

Thank you guys.