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Hey there,

I have 7 gigs uploaded right now. Check them out, I am sure that you’d like to order something!

I am offering very professional work for only 5$. Help me get started in the platform by messaging me and ordering the packages I offer.
It would mean a lot. Bye for now!


keep promoting gigs. order will come automatically

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Will you describe the best way for prompting?

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Hello and well done for your gigs. You can post in gig category and share your links so we can see your work. Good luck.

Maria S.

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Just did share the links! Be sure to check them out and order if you’d like!

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And about that…

Those two don’t go well together. Maybe you should work on your marketing skills more. That’s like telling me I can buy a brand new BMW for a price of a used Citroen.