Get your orders done in just 3 to 4 hours


I have a great team of a graphic designer with the great experience of years. I will deliver your orders in just 3 to 4 hours exact according to your requirements. Will send you all files format also. Thanks


What files you will send ? FREE SOURCE files or what ? Don’t you value your work to add some extra gig for source files, print files, duration etc?
Why for 4 hours ? You can’t come up with something unique, original and creative for 4 hours, unless you use free templates that someone else did.

I feel that because of gigs like yours, we designers are not very respected from buyers, and then that’s why they want everything for just $5 !

Take this reply as a Friendly suggestion.


buyers need their work done ASAP mostly so that’s why I mentioned this. Secondly, I don’t give others files in just $5. I will talk to them inbox according to the order first don’t worry about that and thirdly you are talking about the respect. If a person, leaves this who is that person a doctor or designer or labour if that person works for the client heartily and deliver his/her work outstanding and before the time then this is obvious you will earn respect too. And if you think you are not getting respect from your buyer then kindly talk to them respectively I assure you, you will definitely earn respect from your buyer.
Take this reply as a Friendly suggestion.


Buyers want more quality than Asap. And I was not talking for myself, I have a lot respect from each buyers, thanks God and me that I respect my work & myself.

I am talking for all designers. Are 99% of sellers stupid that don’t offer graphics jobs within 4 hours ?! Sure not. If you do something original you need more time. And if buyer want something quality, he can’t request to be done asap, unless buyer is cheaper like seller and don’t care about original and quality job :grinning:


don’t say stupid to yourself LOL :smiley: just kidding. btw it also tactics to attract the buyer. be smart & unique. TING TONG :smiley: