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Get your PayPal money today! No linked banking account or debit card!


I have found a way to get your PayPal money in your hands in 5 minutes. With no linked banking account, no linked debit card. With my simple instructions you can get money out of your PayPal in 5 minutes! Seriously!!

I linked my bank account to PayPal and they did the to small transactions to verify my account and they went thru fine. then when I tried to withdraw my funds from my PayPal to my bank account PayPal said that they could not use that bank, that I needed to use a different banking institution. didn’t sent me the debit card and said that I could put the funds directly onto that card, I waited 2 weeks to get the card and try to link it to my PayPal account only to find out that they had sent me the wrong card. needless to say its been 2 months and I hadn’t been able to withdraw my funds from PayPal. After some brain storming, I had an idea, and I put that idea into works. It’s simple, and works! And it will take you about 5 minutes. So if your needing your money from PayPal now check out my Gig. Thanks… : )