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Get your personal comic illustration now! Start price 10$!


Here the link!

Did you ever think about wanting a desktop/mobile wallpaper, poster or your profile picture made with a nice coloured comic style, but with your idea? You are in the right place!

What will you obtain buying this gig?

You can decide everything, like who will be the subject*, his/her expression and pose, their clothes and the mood. All this in 7 DAYS! (You can reduce time: paying for obtaining it in 3DAYS)

What is the difference between the packages?
Well, packages are based on the number of details, so in every pack, you’ll obtain a half body with a simple background.

*There are things you can’t ask?
Well, yes, I won’t draw hentai/porno, horror/monsters/splatter, satanic things.

But you can ask for:

  • Mature content: Nude, I’ll make them more artistic, elegant; Mature romance, with a little censure.
  • Ecchi
  • Furry and animals
  • Mecha and steampunk, I recommend for you to buy the medium pack, so it’ll be nice!