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Get your very own Fart in a Jar!


Have you ever wanted your very own, fart in a jar? Of course you have!

For $5, you can get your very own FART JAR - It’s a fart… in a jar!

It’s perfect to gift to a friend, prank a family member into sniffing it, or just keep around the house for fun!

Check it out here and get your own today!

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Funnily enough, while transporting potentially biohazardous materials in people’s gut is no issue, transporting them in a jar through customs could be an interesting excercise. First off, it might get flagged as chemical. Second off, it might be opened by customs personnel (with all the hilarity that ensues after).

Finally, I can only imagine the return to sender comments and cancellation requests. “Smelt like roses”, “Not farty enough” or “if it ain’t swirling, it ain’t acceptable”.

I would think buyers would have to ask for a bill of clean health too :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, love your responses. Receiving your very own Fart in Jar is an incredible experience. It’s pretty much like going to Disneyland everyday. :wink: