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Get your work within short time :)

Hi . i am a buyer and seller both . i bought and sell many projects and i have experienced person now . i am a level one seller also .its a special tip for you. some buyers hit the order and think the order were submitted completed but its not submitted until you did not submit the additional information that’s the seller required . So submit the complete information of your project .then you Get your work within very short time . cheers

Good Tip. Sellers should also complete the task list provided by the seller with the detailed description of the project. Remember, communication is always the key. Have a pleasant day.

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This isn’t really a tip, but rather a commonsense understanding of how Fiverr works. In addition, while there are no doubt a handful of buyers who forget to submit their order details, its pretty much understood that the buyer needs to tell the seller what he/she wants him/her to work on. The vast majority of buyers don’t need to be reminded to provide project details.

And I don’t think you can say that just because a buyer submits their order details, that they’ll get their order right away. Some sellers have a lot of orders in their queue, and might not be able to deliver for a week. Submitting an order does not mean immediate completion.

If you’re going to offer helpful tips, then please make them be valuable tips. Don’t just restate commonsense concepts about using Fiverr and hope that makes you look like an experienced pro seller. You’ve been on Fiverr for just barely three months, and you have 16 total gig reviews. You’re not a pro yet. :wink:

its not for you my dear … its just for buyers . mostly buyers did not know this ! .

1.) Please do not call me “dear”. I am NOT your dear. Only my wife, or someone that I know intimately, has the right to call me that.

2.) I am allowed to respond to any comment in any forum that I wish. I will respond when my expertise is appropriate.

3.) I have worked with over a thousand buyers. Only three or four times have I had to tell a buyer to submit information to begin an order. Most buyers understand the order process, or can figure it out on their own. Most buyers DO know this.

4.) As I already noted above, you are not a veteran seller on Fiverr. Please do not post “tips” as if you are one.

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