Getteing orders!


Hello guys, how are you
i have acount in fiverr long time ago
and i was pos lot of gigs but, i don’t receive any order from buyers !!!
can you help me guys i have skills but no one give me a chance


One issue is you are competing in the market on Fiverr that has the most sellers. There are 48,417 logo design gigs on Fiverr! :open_mouth:

Alternatively, maybe it is that your profile picture is of a famous rapper and people are too shy to do business with such a famous person. :thinking:

However, I did look at your gig, and it seems okay. So my only suggestion is to try to send your ten offers to Buyer Requests each day. Check the request section often because new requests appear throughout the day. Plus I think Fiverr limits the number of new sellers that can make offers on each request, so you need to be fast.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Patience is the key… just don’t quit…


Same problem here bro i also didn’t get a order…


Yes you have to be very fast. A useful thing to do is to prepare a proposal for each of your gigs. When you are sending a proposal to a buyers request, copy and paste your prepared proposal and add a line at the top to personalise it to what the buyer is specifically asking for. All this should take you 20-30 seconds. Just go over it really quickly to make sure there’s no typos. ESPECIALLY if it’s a proofreading and editing gig!


Fiverr is a very competitive market so I suggest you don’t sit and wait for an order to come to you, go out there and get it. Market yourself on social media and find your potential clients outside of Fiverr and direct them to your gig.