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Getting 0 impressions on promoted Gigs


Since 2 weeks I’m getting 0 impressions on my promoted gigs.
I was getting almost 1000 impressions per month on it and I converted 90% of the buyers that clicked or messaged via promoted gig.

Some sellers have had great luck with promoted gigs. Some have not. I did not. I think higher price point gigs do better.

My premium package is $40 and my average selling price is $44.6

I read it takes a month for some to see results.

I am using it since 3 months and was getting a decent sales. Then all of a sudden 0 impressions?

I tried it for a month and quit.

Check this out. I have increased the budget x5 the usual bid.

As, I said, it did not work for me. But I know at least two sellers here it did work well for.

First check here to verify that the gig is still active: (You might need to modify the gig itself.)

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