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Getting 2k impression and 22 clicks but no order

Hi Good people,
i created my gig 2months ago. but i am getting 2k impressions and 3 or more clicks every week but not getting order.
Can any body help me by giving tips on my gig?
my gig Url:

Thanks in advance

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You need to be online all the time

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Not necessarily. Being online all the time is practically impossible for a 1-man team.
As for impressions and clicks. Impressions don’t really matter that much, from what I’ve gathered. It’s just how many times people saw your gig’s thumbnail when they were searching through categories and stuff.

As for the tips. Questions like this are asked on this forum every day, so instead of people having to copy/paste those answers, why don’t you use search and see what kind of advices other people got? :slight_smile: Good luck with your gig!


As a new seller, keep your eye on the buyer request to convince people buy your service(of course only on the request where you feel you can deliver quality work). Getting straight order is tough until your gig ranks higher. I’ve completed my 5th order yesterday and all my buyers ordered my gig from buyer requests. Hope it helps.

Edited: Oh and it has been only 45th day of my Fiverr journey.

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