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Getting 4 star or lower ratings

I’m getting frustrated. It has been smooth sailing for the last few months. But this week I suddenly started to get 4 star or lower ratings. This is not, because my quality of service “dropped”. I still offer the highest quality and keep my standards high. I make sure that I respond within reason, I make sure to satisfy my clients needs, I goddamn make sure that my clients feel like a princess and holy.

But, I can’t wrap my head around this.


You get an order. You fulfill that order, they want a few modifications. After adjusting the order, he tells you that everything is “super” and wants to complete the order. He comes back with a 4 star review, totally unjustified. He never once mentioned, that he wasn’t happy with something, he didn’t tell you that he did not enjoy the quality of the work.

Theres literally nothing you can do at this point. Why should I get such a rating - when I communicate within an hour of getting a reply, when I bust my ass for his demands.

What is the cause of this? Stupid buyers? Shitty service? Unrealistic goals?

Maybe there’s just no pleasing everybody.


I think it would be unfair to describe buyers as stupid if they don’t leave 5 stars. The fact is that as a buyer, it isn’t drummed into me that sellers expect 5 stars, and nothing less will do as it will harm their statistics.

When all’s said and done, buyers can leave whatever feedback they want - however its importance to sellers needs to be made clearer to buyers when they’re leaving their feedback.


I believe there’s still a bug going on, sellers who leave feedback on the app end up giving 4-something starts even though they intended to leave 5. Happened to me a couple of times and also have seen it being mentioned in the forum


That bug is specific to a 4.7 rating (as far as I know). Anything other than a 4.7 rating is probably not a bug. And even if it is the 4.7 rating bug (although it is not fair), it doesn’t affect you too much.

A 4-star review is not a bad review. I think the problem is that many sellers expect that they’re just going keep getting 5-star reviews indefinitely, and when a review is in the 4-range, they feel slighted. If you earn a few more 5-star reviews, that 4-star will be relatively inconsequential.

That’s exactly it. Not every buyer is going to be a perfect buyer. You have to take the good with the bad, just as any business does. Move on, and keep doing a great job for everyone… and the bad buyers will become nothing more than a footnote in your great Fiverr freelance career. :wink:

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