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Getting a bad review on your first order?

Will I able to get any orders,if I get a 3 star rating on my first order. I did my best for the order and had been working straight 14 hours and the buyer rated as 3 star, seems like I won’t be able to get any more orders just because of that. Does anyone had able to overcome issues like this? Did you had any experience like this?

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You can overcome this by delivering work for future orders that earns higher reviews.


I am not being able to get any orders. Usually how long will it take for another order. Did you had an experience like this?

You can respond to the 3* review if you think it’s unfair … politely!

If you think it’s a fair review, then it’s time to think about what you’re offering and perhaps come up with something else you’re better at …

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It will take as long as it takes. Are you doing any marketing or promotional work to reach out to the people who need your services? This could help you bring in orders sooner.

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Yeah am already doing it.

I just messaged my customer politely saying that if there is any mistakes pending am ready to help him. But he ain’t giving any replies.

What marketing and promotion work are you already doing?

Well either way, even if he replies, once the review has been placed, I don’t think it’s that easy to get him/her to take it off.