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Getting a bit less then 100 impressions, no orders?

I have a bit less then 100 impressions, 19 clicks, and 23 views, but no orders or sales, and havent even been messaged about my gigs. I also have other gigs, but no orders.

Is this because I just dont have enough views yet, or because buyers are not interested? Should I update my description? I also believe I have good tags.

Go read my gig and tell me what I am missing or what I could add, it would be a big help.



I SAW your gig,
Decrease the delivery time…
Also improve Keywords…

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Thank you for the feedback and tips!
I have decreased the delivery time on ALL my gigs so it is heaps quicker, and I will start looking at other people’s tags to see what they are using to get inspiration for my own. Thanks again!

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