Getting a Buyer to mark an order complete!


To begin with - I love Fiverr! It has given me a platform for expressing my creative side. But like most of us sellers here, I have also faced the wrath of buyers who take the submissions and simply forget to mark an order complete. Yes! Fiverr support team is awesome in doing it for us automatically in 3 days but then, 3 days plus the 14 days for the pay to bank in is quite taxing. Is it just me or there are more of us out there? Frankly! I am still glad I get it :wink:


I can’t say about others. But since Fiverr is more of a side business and a hobby for me, I don’t really mind it. As long as I am getting paid for my work, I’m ok with the wait.
Think of it as a ‘salary’ system where you work an entire month and get paid only by the end of it.
There isn’t much that you can do to get a buyer to mark it as complete. If they want to do it, they will. If they don’t, you wait for it to get autocompleted. Same with the reviews too … It is great if they leave a review. And still ok even if they don’t.