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Getting a file upload error when uploading Gig Video

I’ve been attempting to upload my Gig Video several times, and no matter how to change the format (mp4, even wmv) I’m still not getting it through. I am not sure why, but if anyone has any thoughts to this, it would greatly be appreciated.

Gig videos should be less then 75 seconds.
Did you follow the rule?

Is it because of the size of the file?

I went and looked back at the file, its about 5 seconds longer. Im guessing that makes a difference then. IN any case, I’ll cut it down and see if it goes thorugh.

I really hope that 23.4Mb isn’t too big…

I don’t think it is, I think the max size is 50mb.

Without the exact error message you are getting it’s hard to provide you with any suggestions.

Got you. I’m going to attempt re-upload right now with adjusted time, and if i get the error I’ll post here.

“File upload error. Please re-upload.” This is the error I get, and its a 75 second video btw,
17.9 Mb, MP4.

I would suggest cutting a couple seconds or, restarting your computer and retrying.

Well sounds like an actual upload error not a restriction from Fiverr.

Weak internet connection or browser cache issue perhaps?

Not IT so don’t know really.