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Getting a lot of impressions and clicks, but no sales


I joined Fiverr about a week ago, and also had a glance at this wonderful community. There are many devoted freelancers around here and overall, I feel this platform is quite amicable. So I thought about posting my query :
I’ve about 6 gigs (Total impressions 108, Clicks 60, Sales 0)
I wanted an honest opinion regarding my gigs. Where do I need to improve? Here’s the link for my gig that got about 65 impressions and 20 clicks in 2 days :

Thanks for your painstaking time. Much appreciated.


Total Impression is low…,
At least try to get more than 1500 first…,

and your gigs portfolio is poor…, :frowning:
I only saw big company slogan?
where is the your works?


There are two images. The primary image reflects upon my original sample.