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Getting a lot of Impressions, but no Orders?

Hey all!

So I joined recently as of July, and I got two orders that month. Two of my gigs’ basically skyrocketed in impressions(over 2k in the last 30 days), and they both overall have about 50+ clicks on them. However, I have only gotten one inquiry since then, and they just never replied to me.

Both of the gigs are on the first page when you either search designing dungeons and dragon character from my last check.

Would someone be able to take a look at my more popular one and see if there is anything jarring about it? I’m here for constructive criticism, as well as tips to try to fix it.

During this time, I have also been checking buyer requests and been sending them out when I see something I am willing to want to do, that’s not super cheap or sketchy looking.

Here is the more popular one:

Thank you to whoever reads and checks it out!


It is against TOS to use unoriginal artwork in GIGs.

If this is your signature people are using your images on the internet, maybe you should put something unique only for Fiverr.

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Oh yes! that is my personal ArtStation I just made to start collecting a portfolio. I also have a deviantart where that is posted, because its my attempt to get more people to look at my art, and hopefully find the fiverr gigs.

So if this is my own art, then it should still be perfectly fine, yes?


Detective Marina always on duty. Restless. Fierce and ruthless like a tiger. Always on the prowl. :wink:


Yes, if this is yours then naturally it is OK for you to use it.

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Lol yes indeed! I didn’t even know until now you could search for images on google like that. That’s actually so cool I can check to make sure other’s aren’t taking my work. Which luckily looks like it isn’t happening.

If Google is your default search engine (I think that matters), you can right-click any image and select “Google search this image”. However, this is flawed. You can easily trick it by slightly altering the image, and especially by downloading said image, saving it in a different file format (e.g. from .PNG as .JPG) and uploading it somewhere. It will either take Google a long time to index it, or it will be very hard to find.

Edit: Source: I once did that to call in sick (this was years ago) during school, where I slightly altered the image of a water leak and said I had water damages to take care of. :flushed: Of course they reverse image searched it and it showed nothing. I am not proud of that. xD


The best and cutest part for me is when “logo designer” puts logo in mockup or over a BG image to hide the robbery, but little do they know that there is a way to invert mockup and block BG :smiley:
Now, to the question at hand, Fiverr is currently losing his marbels but not for them, they are getting money regardless, but sellers are going bananas.

For example, how can this be result if I search for the letter “A” on Fiverr:


You have GIGs ranking the first page that have in description one sentence, tags are “me mik u log, cool”. People are getting impressions (I have one gig with 5000 impressions and 1 click) no orders.

The huge amount of new comers due to COVID made Fiverr lose it and who knows will thing ever be “normal”.

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Try to put on the first image (the one that will be your miniature) something that is not a character but that represent clearly what you do, what you will make for the future buyer. Use text to do this. That is the first gig miniature I see with any text.
The miniature is the first impression to attract eye of a potential client. This one doesn’t explain clearly what you sell, what you do. That can be drawing, video, gaming or something else with fantasy.

Yes, she has a lot of empty space occupying her first image and this is first what people see.


notice the best seller first image


Ok! well thank you so much for your time and checking it out. I will just hang in there, and update my gigs when I have art to show that relates to them.

Hopefully when COVID calms down a bit, then maybe Fiverr will settle down? I joined on here only small reason to Fiverr. I was just able to get enough artwork done during the summer to feel like I could actually start selling, and Deviantart was not cutting it at all.

Oh ok I see what you are talking about! Yea I have been thinking about trying something like that out since I know fiverr is more landscape orientated.

You could make the note monster is holding larger and put the promo text there.

oh or make it a receipt slip and then put text on it to keep the proportion.


Yes, and make it wear a mask.

Oh I love that idea! Thank you, I’ll have to try that out.

Aww, what’s wrong with the cute nothic?

Put the mask hanging down on his ear, since most people think that is how it should be used.

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Nothing. Adding masks to things is literally the running gag this time of year. Get with the times, so to speak. Not sure if you are familiar with the site, but almost every gif and meme has masks now.


Ah I have never been on that site, when I think of mask all I can think of is the Happy Mask Salesman from Legend of Zelda

OH i get what you mean now XD a safety mask ^^"

OK yea I have seen that trend floating around

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