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Getting a lot of views but not orders

Hello there!

I am new to Fiverr but not to my profession. I am getting a numerous number of views along with clicks but not the orders. Following is the link to my gig:

Your expert opinion in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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What are you doing to earn your orders?


I just created the gig nothing else. What should be done more?

Oi. I’ll let you figure that out. I bet, if you read the forum, you’ll find the answer in many places. If you’re serious about being a professional freelancer, you’ll have the motivation to read the forum for more advice.


I appreciatewith you @jonbaas

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I’m a new seller too as like you with +5 years experience but new in this platform. I have build +1000 of WordPress site for my client. But recently decided to join here.

After joining here I got my first order and 5 star review. After that it seems stuck there. No message, no order, even no buyer request on my dashboard.

I know I need to be patient but curious if I’m doing something wrong. Anyone here to help me please?


Thanks for the advice. I would request you to please have a look on my gig and share the expert opinion.

Why not post in ‘Improve My Gig’ and then more users will be able to help you if they can? :slightly_smiling_face:


I had a look at your Plummy Fashions website and it doesn’t look that great :frowning:
I’ll leave the design off the list as it’s matter of the taste, but here are few things you should go over

  • Do the on-page SEO
  • Get SSL certificates and a decent firewall/security plugin
  • Optimize your site for mobile (text is barely readable)
  • Go over your color palette (there’s a lack of consistency and not all colors go together :wink: )
  • Fix the links such as footer social media links
  • Get a better host to reduce server response time

and the list goes on.

I don’t know why your orders stopped, but any client who’s willing to do their homework will probably go to your competitors.
So while you’re waiting for orders, you can use this time to work on your portfolio.


I politely decline. Me assessing your gig is not going to magically bring you more sales. YOU need to take action to reach out to your customers. Gig assessments don’t bring orders. Successful, targeted marketing and promotion does. And you haven’t been doing that… so you don’t have any sales.

Start taking action to build your business, and you might find success. Merely creating a gig, and then sitting back and expecting everything to happen for you isn’t going to work. I am not going to help someone who isn’t interested in taking responsibility for their own gigs.

Before I joined Fiverr, I was given the same advice jonbass is giving you: be proactive, take action, reach out, market yourself and more.

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im also facing the same problem i come here i make gig i got one buyer i do the job exactly he like it so much given me 5 stars perfect but…
i haven’t any buyers after …what should i do to have buyers ?

Did you not read this topic? I stated what you need to do, when I provided my answer to another poster above. You’ll find me saying the same exact thing to other new sellers all over the forum as well. READ THE FORUM. You’ll find all the answers you seek.

Take responsibility for your own success, instead of sitting back and expecting everything to happen to you without any work. You’re here to earn income, right? Then TAKE ACTION, and EARN it.

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