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Getting a profesional business card that sells your business in your absence

In this brief article, I’d like to discuss with you how you can improve your business and get more clients using professional and outstanding business cards in your marketing. Marketing is all about creating the right impression in the mind of your clients, because the more successful you are in creating this impression about yourself or your business in the mind of your target audience, the greater the chances that they will choose you over others who may offer the same products/services you do. If you are able to achieve this, then count yourself lucky because you will be getting more clients and thereby making more money in your business.

When it comes to designing a business card, there are no rules to on what details it should contain and how it should be designed. The society has made us stick to the regular design of business cards and I don’t think that is right. You see, your business card should be able to portray you or your business to your target audience.

The only sets of people that I know think creatively in terms of designing their businesses are the Entertainers. If you really want to know or investigate what I just explained, just go have a look on any entertainers’ business card and compare it to a regular company’s business cards.


If you take a look at the regular business card, you will see it contains the following details:

• Name

• Business name

• Address

• Phone number

• Email

• Website

• Some graphical design

• And maybe a few words (tagline)

I’m not against all the above details, but my question is, “Does it convey to your potential client what your business is all about?

Can they still remember all the sales pitch about your business that you told them when you gave them you business card 24 hours after without hitting their head?

Think of it this way, you gave a client your business card explaining what your business is all about and that same Client got about four other business cards from different clients the same day. On getting home, he/she brought out all five business cards going through each of it. Do you think he can identify your business card, remembering all the sale pitch you gave to him explaining what your business is all about?


A professionally designed business card should be able to tell your clients all you have to offer without asking much question or getting lost.

It should contain your keywords, the basic things of what you can offer to your clients. Because the essence of having a business card is to help market your products and services on your behalf effectively and efficiently, even when you are not there.

A professional business card should attract the eyes of your Client and at the same time sell your business to your clients easily without stress.

Be creative and professional in designing your business cards, and watch your business card sell you to your potential clients.

See you at the top!



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