Getting a refund after order completed


I bought a custom order from a seller on fiverr.

They delivered the work.

It was marked as completed as they persisted.

After this I noticed that over half the job they stated they would do was not done or had become undone, which was then ‘not as described’.

I asked the seller for a partial refund and they agreed. Well they hardly pleasant or easy to communicate but still they agreed.

Now I saw that there was no option to apply for a refund.

So I contacted Fiverr support.

They said to get a partial refund they will issue a full refund the original order after i accpet a new custom order from the seller for the amount which then makes up the partial refund.

So ive done that.

The seller sent me a new proposal for $40. The original order was for $70. So I should hopefully get a $30 refund.

But now for some reason the support team does not seem to give me the refund.

They keep asking me accept a new order in order to get a full refund from the first order.

To me it really doesnt make any sense. If the seller themselves agreed to a refund then is support not issuing it?

I have sent them the new order number and now also the Paypal transaction ID for the order.

Why has something so simple been delayed and not done.

I hope fiverr add feature to issue a partial refund.

Also what if the seller agreed to a full refund, would I still have to buy something else off them to get refund for the first order!? If a seller does a really bad job, i can guarantee I would not buy from again so then how would i get a refund after job completion if something similar like this happens again?


Hi, sorry for the bad experience.
First, you need to accept the custom offer sent by the seller. Then contact customer support and they’ll cancel the order you want a refund for. You’ll get the entire sum you paid for the first order back.
Second, if a seller delivers low-quality content and the order becomes marked as complete, you can contact CS to cancel it. But in cases like this, please ask the buyer whether they’re willing to fix whatever’s wrong.
If you need any other help let me know.


What’s to stop seller from keeping both money?


Do NOT accept the custom offer.

Give me a few minutes to research.


Are you still here?

Did you already accept?


What have customer support actually said?
Did they tell you to pay for another order or was it the seller?


According to what you said customer support told you, after you pay for the new custom order you will get a refund of the first order.


so is SOLELY because of the partial refund situation?

So if it was a full refund they would issue the refund without need for any new order completion?


I had to accept as the support offered me no explanation or alternative.

yes I also thought what if the seller in some dodgy way keeps money from boths orders


seller said ok to partial refund

fiverr says they cant for some reason give partial refunds

so i have to pay for a new order from same seller to make up for the partial amount.

not so good if you had a tiff with the seller and yes some of them on here have really bad communication (no offence to anyone) and work. In that you ask a question and what they reply does not make sense in English


I wouldn’t be afraid if support told me to do so.


Dear Buyer, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. Majority of sellers on Fiverr work hard and go beyond to get the best to you. But at times, mishaps happen.

Anyways, I hope you have understood that the bad way. Two things that a buyer needs to know while she’s here, on Fiverr are:

  1. There’s no Partial Refund option in Fiverr. You will have to cancel existing order and then accept new order of lower value - exactly like the Support told you - but this is just a work-around.
  2. Refund does not go back to your card - it goes back to your Fiverr balance. You need to use the refund amount (or canceled order amount) in ordering new gigs. You can only consume that amount in buying new on Fiverr. You need to spend that on new services - may not be from the same seller.

I am not sure if these are made clear to the buyer, but most buyers know about it, who buy lot from us.
Hope this helps!
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True, but now he’ll have $70 credit vice $30 credit and he’s paid $110.

The whole thing makes no sense to me. It reaks of something weird going on. Oh well, what’s done is done.


Something called support. One of my clients has been in such a situation. So I know what I’m doing.


Okay. You got me.

It’s weird how they are expecting him to fork out more to get back some, then have to spend it all on 5r. I’m having a hard time with all the strange things 5r is doing lately to screw over buyer lately.

It’s like they don’t give a hoot about buyers and only in it to protect sellers. I’m getting frustrated more and more about all the bad changes against buyers.

I guess 5r decided protecting sellers is way more important.


If the seller refunds all the money before the buyer purchases a new order, nothing can force the buyer to actually place that order.

It has happened to people, more than once.


I think in this situation support would allow a refund to payment source if the OP asked but I don’t know for sure.

I think what is happening is the realization that a lot of the old methods/policies were based on low amounts and so in general, a buyer would not be as likely to cause a fuss. With packages and the fact that big amounts are becoming more common the policies need a change and there are things being introduced that affect both buyers and sellers. It is to be expected that some won’t sit well with one side or the other but overall I like the steps being taken, looking at it from both “sides”.


Let me start by apologizing to you for my behavior. I’m dumping my frustration on you for something you had nothing to do with.

My actions were uncalled for and for that I am truly sorry.


OK Fair enough, I totally understand that


Why dont they just say this is the reason in the messages instead of playing “have a guess why we have this stance” game with us.

it would save a lot of trouble and anger


ive got the refund now of £54 but im not sure if this even includes the processing fee of £1.50 i had to pay for the new order i had to buy from the seller i dont want to buy from.

How would i check, all i see is one number top right of screen