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Getting a T-shirt design... without the T-shirt?


Hey loves! I’m a newbie here.
So long story short, I’m trying to create my own apparel. I need a logo created that i will ultimately use on my first shirt/sweater etc. I plan on getting my T-shirt’s printed locally because i find that they’re cheaper.
Is just getting a logo created and taking it to my local print shop the best way to get this done, or should I get a T-shirt made and take it to the print shop to copy it? Again, I’m a newb at this it may sound like a dumb question but I’m really confused. Thanks for any answers in advanced!!


Definitely just a logo or whatever’s going on the shirt. The printer can’t do anything with an already printed shirt. Depending on the process, it’ll likely just be a .png file that they need. Speaking of printing processes, that’s a very important thing you’ll have to keep in mind. Screen printing, sublimation, DTG, heat transfer and others all have definite pros and cons.

Message me over on the platform and I’ll gladly answer your questions about garment printing, even if you don’t care to hire me as a designer.