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Getting a warning letter again, giving up already

I got my warning letter because of one of my gig. My gig is about “promotion/shoutout of other online courses”

My gig has been there for 3 months and I had modified the gig 3 times about the description and the pricing, services remain unchanged, and all the Fiverr staff review my gig and approve it. And I already had 30 orders. Then today I get this warning. This is the reason :

How can we promote stuff without posting on social media group?


Those services is indeed not allowed on fiverr anymore.

It wasn’t approved initially by support, anyone can post their gigs. But they can be delisted anytime as soon as fiverr will notice them.

But I didn’t recieve any notice from Fiverr, they dont suppose us to constantly checking their rules right?
btw, where can I see the “services not allow on Fiverr”?

I personally don’t like that fiverr changes their TOS and doesn’t give any warnings.

However this “reviews” and promoting something on social media (if that’s not your channel) is not new. It’s been forbidden for over a year now.
And yes, you do need to know fiverr rules and in cases where your services wasn’t rejected from the first time with automatic system there comes fiverr support that from time to time can notice and manually remove services that are not allowed.

So just to be clear, we can’t have gig that promote anything on social media, so the instrgram promotion, online influencer also need to get a warning?? That’s very very werid. I submit a ticket to the CS, still no words from them

Are you an influencer? If so then of course you are allowed to promote it on your page.

Not really an influencer, but an admin for 20K + members, that’s how I promote stuff