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Getting a wrong buyer request

Have been having this issues concerning getting a wrong buyer request offer.I do electrical designs but all the buyer request have been getting are on architectural designs never had one electrical designs buyer request.
All my keywords are in Electrical not in architectural but I still don’t understand why am getting architectural design offers.
Pls can anyone here on this forum help on this particular issue.thks


Keywords have nothing to do with it. It’s about categories and subcategories. Your gigs are in Architecture & Interior Design subcategory, so you’re seeing requests for that subcategory.


@catwriter thks but that’s the only category and subcategory I fit in for now.Fiverr has no category and subcategory for engineering.but have seen my kind of gig in engineering that belongs to other top sellers on an architectural &interior design subcategory and they are doing well there.

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It doesn’t have to mean that they’re using requests to get orders. Buyers can find them via search and order from them.


@catwriter thks so much I really appreciate :slightly_smiling_face:. Although have been marketing on other social media network but I pray buyers can find me via search and order from me too.:pensive: