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Getting alot of spam message offering marketing tools

Hi, I am not sure about you all, but i have been getting a lot of spam messages (at least 20 a day) regarding offering a tool for me on Instagram, as they all go something like this…

“Hello, I am interested in your service. I would like to propose something to you, I have a tool that I assure you will help you a lot in your business. I would like you to give me your instagram or whatsapp so that we could speak better.” and they mainly come from South America like Columbia.

I have reported to support help center but they haven’t gotten back to me and i have to manually flag them as spam everyday.

Any tips?

Mark as spam.

You could also have a pre-made reply that you just click/tap on and you reply. Your response rate is not affected this way and you can ignore anyway.


thank you! yes i have been doing this, but i have to manually do this 20 times a day because i get similar messages from around 20 people everyday. I just hope Fiverr can better flag them - i feel like my response time has increased as a result of this too :frowning:

Well there are too many people that Fiverr would need to monitor, and those resources are better spent anywhere else. So, just reply and mark as spam after that.