Getting an approval for your request takes too much time :(


I posted a simple writing request and 5 hours later it’s still in pending status :frowning:
Considering all the spam that buyer requests section gets I’m surprised that it takes so much time to get an approval. If it’s done by a system then how come it takes hours and if it’s done by staff then why do we still see so much spam from sellers. As far as I know, I didn’t use any illegal words or phrases to be flagged for a manual check.

I’m posting it under ranting pot just to vent my frustration, but it would be nice to get a notification if your request is flagged for inspection so that I can reconsider my options. If you tell me that it’s been flagged for whatever reason and it takes X hours to review, then I will use the broken search feature or send my request to WriterAccess.

Once again buyer requests section has disappointed me.

What is the best time to get fresh buyer requests

Yes, it would be nice if posting was immediate for regular or maybe Top Rated Buyers.
I often see urgent requests showing up with a deadline of 2 hours before the request was posted! This should be explained to buyers who are posting as I am sure it leads to frustration on their part.
When you compare how it works to other sites’ system it really is poor from the Buyer’s perspective.


Exactly, I’m a level 2 seller (barely but still) and I’ve purchased before without any problems. There should be some kind of express lane :slight_smile: